Body Corporate


Our office manages over 650 body corporates. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 


How do I report a maintenance issue? 

Call our office on 3394 1077 or email


Is a repair a body corporate responsibility or an owners responsibility? 

This can depend on the type of plan. A body corporate can be setup as a 'Building Format Plan' or 'Standard Format Plan'. Contact our office for more details. 


What is a disclosure statement? 

If you are selling your unit, you need to supply a prospective buyer with some information about the body corporate. 

Eg. How much are the body corporate levies?

What is the balance of the sinking fund?

A disclosure statement will provide this information. 

Contact our office to order a disclosure statement. 

Application Forms


Below are some common application forms used to apply for body corporate approval.


Application Form - Air Conditioning


Application Form - Foxtel


Application Form - Lot Improvements


Application Form - NBN


Application Form - Pet


Application Form - Solar Panels